4 Waggon Shed


On the first floor, this delightful, self contained unit is divided into two rooms and also has its own kitchenette and toilet, all totalling 350 sq ft.  It would make the perfect office or studio.  To enquire please phone 01460 241062 or email to:

E: francis@flaxdrayton.co.uk​​

1 Waggon Shed

Bower Bakery

The ground floor of the Waggon Shed (almost 650 sq ft) is converted to an artisan bakery.  Peter Hill uses organic stone-ground flour (though the bakery is not itself certified organic) to produce a fabulous range of breads and pasties, plus goodies like croissants and Eccles cakes.  He has stalls at various farmers' markets and sells in our closest shop, the Trading Post.  

T: 07787 288998; E: peter_fish_net@yahoo.co.uk

The Waggon Shed

Just beyond the archway and heading out towards the paddock is the Waggon Shed.  In fact it's two buildings now joined together with a central stairwell.  The left hand was a granary above and the waggon garage below, which was then converted into airy loose boxes where we fattened our pigs.  The right hand building was the flax retting shed (where the flax was soaked so that the fibre could be combed out) - we kept our flock of free range hens in here.  Both buildings were converted by John Wratten, our longest standing tenant (see below), who occupies No. 3 Waggon Shed - the unit with the best views towards Ham Hill and the Chiselborough Hills!

Flaxdrayton Farm

Waggon Shed

3 Waggon Shed


This is the biggest unit in the Waggon Shed (at 1045 sq ft), and is upstairs in the old granary. It has a grandstand view across the farmyard and out over the River Parrett to Ham Hill, where our glorious Ham Stone comes from - It's light, airy and open plan, with two cubicles (open on one side) and separate toilet, utility store and kitchenette, all with a mezzanine above them for storage.  It would be ideal as an office or studio workshop.

To enquire, please phone on 01460 241062 or email to francis@flaxdrayton.co.uk   

2 Waggon Shed

Intrasights (www.intrasights.co.uk)

Where flax once soaked and then hens roosted, Harry Truman services and repairs optical instruments - binoculars, telescopes and microscopes.  He also has an extensive range of second hand binoculars for sale.  And with the view from this small ground floor unit towards Chiselborough, it's the perfect place to test all these binoculars and telescopes! 

T: 01460 929291; E: intrasights@tiscali.co.uk

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