The Engine Room

Fret and Nut (

Steve's Amps (

Under the tall chimney is the Engine Room (277 sq ft), where the steam engine that drove all the farm equipment was.  Friends, Andy and Steve, are setting up their stall together to provide a 'one-stop shop' for all their customers' guitar and amplifier repairs.  

Steve's Amps was established twenty years ago in Surrey, and has gradually moved West. Steve repairs all musical instrument amplifiers, also valve hi-fi, and also modifies and builds bespoke amplifiers. 

​Andy is a luthier and vintage guitar enthusiast, and he services and repairs guitars of all ages to bring out the best in them.  He makes them too! 

Andy - T: 07732 074088;  E:
Steve - T: 07775 908191;  E:

The Apple Store

Angel Eyes Photography ( 

The end room of the Apple Store, up the stairs right be the entrance, is the most interesting room in the whole farmyard, with quirky angles and big windows.  Sarah Osborne has just moved here from the Stockyard.  She is an award-winning, specialist new-born photographer, but she also covers weddings, families, maternity and much more.  She can shoot on-location or in the multi-faceted studio she has created here.
T: 01460 240123;  E:

The Polishing Room

Julia Thompson Jewellery (

In the aptly named Polishing Room, Julia is an award-winning jeweller & silversmith. She uses traditional hand fabrication techniques to create bespoke pieces of art jewellery.  She also runs make-your-own wedding ring courses (our daughter and son-in-law were delighted with theirs).  Her ethical policy means she recycles gold and uses lab-grown gemstones.

T: 07886 906262; E:

The Cider Press Room

Veelyn Ltd (

Below the Apple Store is ... the Cider Press (500 sq ft), housing Lynda and Dave Styles of Veelyn Ltd.  They love the press (which is still there but sadly not usable) as they specialise in up-cycling and restoring, and they sell antiques and collectibles. mostly to the trade but their website always has interesting items for sale.  

T: 07990 041417;  E:

The Old Flaxmill

Lynn Brookes (​


In place of the old stationary threshing machine next to the archway, now resides Lynn Brookes. As a contemporary abstract artist she says her work is about stimulating feelings to evoke an emotional response that connects with the viewer. Lynn is also a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and offers coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy sessions, either face to face or remotely, to assist with all of life's issues.
T: 07813 339295;  E:​​

The Mill

Take Art (

The main part of the Mill building houses Take Art, where the stone-ground flour mill was.  It is a lovely airy unit of about 1075 sq ft on both floors.  Take Art move here in 2003 and they quickly helped turn our farmyard into an arts hub.  A pioneering arts charity serving the towns, villages and rural communities of Somerset, Take Art provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience, participate and work within the arts.

T: 01460 249450;  E:

Flaxdrayton Farm

Mill Building

Call us – 01460 241062

Email us –

The Flax Studio

iOme Fitness (

Above where the old threshing machine was and accessible from the archway is the Flax Studio (667 sq ft) and iOme Fitness.  Founder, Charlie Fardon, takes a "personal and holistic approach to helping you get and stay fit, feel healthy and find balance in life".  She runs a range of classes at convenient times (before and after work, etc) offering Body SMART fitness for weight loss and body toning, and also personal training with ongoing support and mentoring. 

T: 0800 9788158;  E: